HI! I’m Elizabeth Sanchez, the Fat Cuban Baby, a Fordham University student studying Communications and Media studies. The name was coined by my older cousins and family when I was born due to my full head of hair and tan skin (They were all blonde and pale, and extremely jealous). While it may sound like I am trying to rip off the Fat Jewish, I am sadly not and have 20+ relatives can attest to the nickname. I decided to embrace my chubby past as a part of my culinary future.

While this blog was started as a part of a class assignment, I add this one disclosure: Don’t take me or my posts too seriously, I am just having fun!

Chocolate, cheese, and bread are staples in my diet and are never a wrong choice. Pasta and steak give me life, and broccoli may just kill me. It should be known that I am a firm believer in ketchup as one of the main food groups and every household should contain at least one bottle of Heinz squeezable ketchup. If ketchup is the food I love the most, then eggs are the food I detest. I have not eaten them since I was 6 years old and do not plan on doing so anytime soon.

I could tell you more about me and my relationship with food, but I rather just post these…


xoxo FCB


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