Eating My Way Through Spring Break (Part II)

Heyo and welcome to Part II of my food tour of Spring Break

This post is about one meal I had while in London and its very special to me.


Here is where the meal started. This one special cookbook that my own family has in the States that is also owned by my mothers cousin’s in London. From this book our traditional Polish meal came and it was just delicious.


There are a lot of different traditional Polish foods on the table. Some I am very accustomed to and others very unfamiliar with.

So I here have tried to make a compilation of recipes to make this whole meal:

These are all recipes that follow the traditonal way of cooking this meal and in a way that captures the flavour in Polish cooking.

I loved everything about this meal even though it is not common in my American home. I hope that this help educate you on a Polish food and that you try to make some of these!

Do widzenia! (Goodbye in Polish!)

Xoxo FCB





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