Eating My Way Through Spring Break (Part I)

Hello there,

I am in my post-spring break blues, the time where there is no immediate vacation to look forward to but finals and summer are still far off. I am feeling tired and hungry, and spending my time looking back on my trip abroad and all the food I consumed.

Oh what did I do for spring break? I spent 10 glorious days in London and Barcelona, eating and drinking my way through a wonderful vacation. I tried to eat my way through the trip, trying all sorts of fun new things.

I will take you through a multi-post series which I document the foods and experiences I had. I will try to tag some similar recipes to the pictures to let you know how delicious it all was.

SoOoOoOoOoOo lets start off with my first meal of the trip: my British Airways on flight dinner. (oh yes I ate non-first class meal on a plane)

The long red-eye flight was only made better by the whole new season of “The Great British Bake Off” which if you read my introductory post or my bio, is the show that ~iNsPiReD~ me to start cooking and start this blog. So needless to say I was pretty thrilled.

My dinner consisted of a dinner roll, crackers, cheese spread, salad (lettuce, tomato, cheese and pesto), pasta with olives, and a strange frozen custard as desert. It was accompanied by water and a can of Coke.

I mean its airplane food, its not a fine dining experience, but I have definitely had worst. The salad crunched is a fairly fresh way and the bread and crackers wasn’t stale at all. I love olives so I was very intrigued by the choice in the pasta, and it was fine. I didn’t love it, but it was definitely edible. So I fell asleep full and pretty content after my meal.


I was all about the selfies around Europe #noshame


House Hunters International: Me moving into Buckingham Palace

So I arrived in London with my Mother and Brother in tow as I took on the city and food as best I could. We were staying with my Aunt Elizabeth (#NameSake) whom has a home in Wimbledon that made getting in and out of Central London super easy. But because of this I did not eat out a lot and she cooked for us for most meals.

One of the distinguished meals I did eat outside the home was at a local pub that was amazing. I mean I was listening to Adele, drinking a pint, and eating a meat pie which I am not sure what could be better than that PERIOD.

My mother had traditional fish & chips which was amazing, except those weird pea schemer going on which freak me out tbh.

My brother and I were in heaven in meat pies filled with steak, gravy, and lots of veggies. I couldn’t get exact recipes but here are some ones that really intrigued me.

I left there so full and happy about getting amazing pub grub.

As I sit here and look at these pictures and the different recipes inspired by them, I can hear my stomach grumbling…

Seriously wish I was back at the pub with a pint listening to Adele and eating these pies and mashed potatoes… I guess I will just say to the meal I left behind: I Miss You  and Send my love to your new lover

Ok going to go listen to Adele now while I look up recipes






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